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Amazing Features

The features StarZappy kids love and make Happy Parents

Stars that earn money

Kids learn to value money as they are rewarded with colourful stars.

Wishlist they desire

Kids build their own wishlist that creates the desire and motivation to achieve.

Fun managing own tasks

Kids will feel empowered taking responsibility and enjoy managing own tasks.

Bonus Rewards

Parents can send a request with Bonus Rewards to their kids to have help for extra chores.

Babysitting Rewards

Approved friends and family can be part of the parenting success team.

Child Management

Abiliy to deduct Stars with pop up guide on how to handle each situation.

Why StarZappy is the ultimate parenting tool to success?!

There is no parenting app in the world that is designed to teach the value of money, discipline, understanding their actions and motivation to work towards their own goals leading to self-satisfaction. All the qualities needed in the world today.

  • Proper guidance and methodology
  • Focus to an objective and platform to strive for achievement
  • Nurture right habits, principles and practices
  • Perfect child management tool

The StarZappy Story

StarZappy was designed around children for parents. It came about years of early child development studies and parenting challenges. This app was designed to incorporate various early childhood methodologies while addressing parenting needs.

Every parent in the world is looking for a better way to raise their children to achieve, understand their actions, be disciplined, while nurturing the right habits, principles and practices at an early age. Every parent wants harmony in their homes, happy kids with happy parents. This is the StarZappy formula.

StarZappy Video

StarZappy was designed to help parents worldwide to manage their kids while they embrace the principles of a reward system that gives them self satisfaction.

Watch our video to see what StarZappy is all about and why I am so passionate about bringing harmony to your home.

It's Awesome

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Our freemium download is packed full of features for you and your child. It's great to have a supporter for the app. This is StarZappy's way of contributing back to society to make it a better world.

Paid App

Along with a feature packed freemium, your support here will let you manage your whole family and even babysitters for your kids. You can even have more stars and bigger wishlist for your kids. The more they aim the more they achieve.

StarZappy Promise

StarZappy aims to build a better world by starting at your home. We welcome any feedback that you think can help in this journey. If for any reason you are not satisfied, StarZappy will refund your App purchase. StarZappy kids are Happy Kids and Happy Kids have Happy Parents!


Here is the beginning of Happy Kids with Happy Parents

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